‘They meant to sue me’

Recently another round of priests and lay people in the Diocese of Quincy were served with notice TEC is naming them in a lawsuit. Apparently there has been some confusion with names. Some were served twice. The names of some served were misspelled. And there was at least one case of mistaken identity.

Father James S. Fosdick writes:

“They meant to sue…”


“But they sued…”


The top photo is Father James S. Fosdick. The bottom photo is his son, James S. Fosdick Jr.

One thought on “‘They meant to sue me’

  1. For the record, I’m truly proud of my son counter cultural appearance and all. I’m proud of the son he is, the man he is, the father he is and the successful international consultant he is. Not every father can say this but I can say he’s one of the best men I know and as good a friend as I have.

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