TEC is suing someone you know in the Diocese of Quincy: Read the lawsuit

Click the link below to read the lawsuit the Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago filed in November against the Diocese of Quincy. It names a long list of Quincy clergy and lay leaders.


How You Can Help

1. Pray for those being sued within Diocese of Quincy
2. Pray for the Diocese of Quincy
3. Pray for those litigating against the Diocese of Quincy
4. Contribute to the Quincy defense fund via our PayPal button or by sending a check

Bishop Alberto Morales

Bishop Alberto Morales

2 thoughts on “TEC is suing someone you know in the Diocese of Quincy: Read the lawsuit

  1. It is difficult to read documents like this with just shaking my head in bewilderment. In item 23 TEC sites Article 8 of their constitution which requires clergy to conform to the worship of the Episcopal Church (The Declaration of Conformity) as a complaint. The same article also requires clergy to “conform” to the Holy world God as it appears in the Old and New Testament. I remember a general convention in the 90s where Bp. Ackerman proposed a similar declaration that was not supported.

  2. Are you suggesting there’s something illogical in TEC’s behavior, Dana? (g) What’s the Bible say about Christians suing Christians?

    I have a fundraising idea for the Qunicy Defense Fund. Remember those WWJD? (What would Jesus do?) wristbands? I’m going to have some made up to sell to benefit the fund that say WWJS? (Who Would Jesus Sue?).

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