Quincy Defense Fund seeks donations

Anglicans throughout the Diocese of Quincy were mailed appeal letters this week, seeking contributions to the Quincy Legal Defense Fund.

“One of our challenges has been the ongoing litigation with TEC,” said the letter, which was signed by Bishop Alberto Morales and Richard Baker and Mark Gamage, the defense fund co-chairs.

The letter commended the Quincy legal team, Tad Brenner and Kent Schnack, for their efforts defending the Diocese.

“Through Tad and Kent’s countless hours of preparation, combined with significant personal and financial sacrifice, they provided us with an unprecedented legal victory in the Circuit Court in Adams County,” the letter said. “TEC was accustomed to winning its lawsuits, but not in Quincy.”

Despite the legal victory, the Diocese’s legal needs are ongoing. TEC has appealed the Adams County ruling, and TEC recently filed a second suit in Peoria County.

“Currently, our unpaid legal fees are over $300,000,” the letter said.

To donate to the Quincy Defense Fund, click the Donate to the Legal Defense Fund link in the upper right corner of this page. You can contribute directly to the fund through your PayPal account. Or click on the “more information” link for the address where checks may be sent.

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