Greetings and welcome! We’re launching this website, Quincy Anglican, to complement the official Diocese of Quincy website. Look here for news and commentary about the diocese and subjects of interest to Anglicans.

Father Tom Janikowski, rector at Trinity Anglican Church in Rock Island, has, at Bishop Morales’ request, put together a small committee of people with press, marketing, legal and strategic expertise to work toward several targets, including:

  • Enhancing communication and community within our diocese.
  • Promoting friendship and cooperation between Quincy and the other ACNA dioceses.
  • Fostering awareness of the Quincy Defense Fund here and beyond Quincy’s borders.

We want to tell our story, facilitate the flow of accurate and important news and information, ensure our messages are communicated to the media, and create opportunities for you to share your thoughts and get answers to your questions.

Michael Romkey is helping with this website. Please don’t hesitate to drop Mike an email, mgromkey@gmail.com, or contact him via Facebook or phone, 563-940-0508.

We invite people to comment on the posts and ask only that the discussion be polite.

This site will undergo a number of enhancements over the coming weeks. We could have waited to launch, but we can’t wait to get the ball rolling so here we are!

May God bless you all and the Diocese of Quincy.

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