Merry Christmas from ACNA

May the gift of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, fill your heart with joy and praise this Advent Season.

Provincial Office of the Anglican Church in North America:  (back) The Rev. Andrew Gross, The Rev. Canon Alan Hawkins, Brad Root, The Rev. Kirk Patterson, (front) The Most Rev. Robert Duncan, The Ven. Canon Dr. Jack Lumanog, Lori Woodbridge, Bonnie Catalano, Emily Exler, Pam Norris

Provincial Office of the Anglican Church in North America: (back) The Rev. Andrew Gross, The Rev. Canon Alan Hawkins, Brad Root, The Rev. Kirk Patterson, (front) The Most Rev. Robert Duncan, The Ven. Canon Dr. Jack Lumanog, Lori Woodbridge, Bonnie Catalano, Emily Exler, Pam Norris

Bishop Morales’ Christmas Letter to the Diocese of Quincy

Dear brothers and sisters,

On this day of glorious celebration for the Nativity of our Blessed Savior, I send my warm and heartfelt greeting to all the children, youth, adults and seniors of our Diocese. I want you to know that the love and prayers of your Bishop surround you during this Christmas holiday as you gather with friends and family.

Christmas is the feast of light. On Christmas Eve, the glory of the Lord enveloped the shepherds with the pure light of heaven and they were filled with great fear as the angel of the Lord gave them the Good News of the birth of the Savior. The God child born at Bethlehem is the Word of God made flesh, the true light that enlightens all who are born into this world.

MaryAndJesusChristmas is the feast of peace. The angels from heaven proclaimed it so, as they announced the birth of the Son of God, and sang in the first Christmas carol: “Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth.” Every Christmas, the words “Sleep in heavenly peace” are sung in our churches, in our homes, in the streets and at Bethlehem.

Christmas is the feast of love. It is a mystery for which we need wide-open eyes and a renewed heart to adore the Love of God. His love compels us to love our brothers and sisters, especially the ones who suffer most the consequences of disaster and economic crisis and those who suffer loneliness, pain and infirmity. St. Francis of Assisi understood it. The man who loved all creatures; and who was himself so overwhelmed by the tender and manifest love of the God child that he built the first Bethlehem crèche at Greccio, on the Christmas of 1223; knew that Christmas does not happen where there is no love, because the message of the birth of Jesus is the message of the love that was born and gave of itself for the salvation of the world.

During these days of the year, Jesus reminds us that only those who love and have the heart of a child understand and live Christmas, which is the mystery of sharing. Those who do not love and who enclose themselves in their selfishness, will go through Christmas without celebrating it in their hearts and in their lives.

My dear brothers and sisters, let us go to Bethlehem, the “house of bread”. There we will find the bread of love made flesh, man, and history; that gift from the Father kneaded in the fruitful womb of the Virgin Mother, who looks at us with infinite tenderness in the company of St. Joseph, the just man.

Before the Bethlehem altar, all of you will be present in my prayers. There I will give thanks to God for the gift of your lives and I will pray to Emmanuel for you and your family. Pray for me, that the light of Christ will be my guide now and always.

May you have a merry and holy Christmas and a blessed New Year 2014.

With my affection, gratitude and blessing,

+Alberto, OSB
9th Bishop of Quincy

Available in February: Texts For Common Prayer and ACNA Ordinal

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Combines the orthodoxy of older Book of Common Prayer edition with the elegant modern English of newer editions of the Bible. Texts For Common Prayer is the work of the Liturgy and Common Worship Task Force of the Anglican Church in North America, including J.I. Packer, General Editor of the English Standard Version of the Bible and Theological Editor of the ESV Study Bible. Texts

Texts For Common Prayer shows that producing a new edition of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer is well underway, and now the whole Body of Christ is invited into the process of reviewing and perfecting “working texts” of the following principal liturgies: Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Supplemental Canticles, Holy Communion (Long Form), and Holy Communion (Short Form).

Also included is The Ordinal (for ordaining clergy and consecrating bishops) that already been authorized and adopted as The Ordinal of the Anglican Church in North America.

Texts for Common Prayer is a durable, high quality trade paperback for regular church use. It is printed on prayer book quality paper with its rubrics (instructions) in red.

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TEC is suing someone you know in the Diocese of Quincy: Read the lawsuit

Click the link below to read the lawsuit the Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago filed in November against the Diocese of Quincy. It names a long list of Quincy clergy and lay leaders.


How You Can Help

1. Pray for those being sued within Diocese of Quincy
2. Pray for the Diocese of Quincy
3. Pray for those litigating against the Diocese of Quincy
4. Contribute to the Quincy defense fund via our PayPal button or by sending a check

Bishop Alberto Morales

Bishop Alberto Morales

Christmas message from Archbishop Robert Duncan

God gave, and He has called us to be givers too. I want to thank all of you who have been so generous through Anglican Relief and Development Fund to reach those around the world in tremendous need where amazing life change is made through the projects of ARDF. I also want to encourage all of you to continue to be givers in the same way that God gave His Son.

Archbishop Robert Duncan
Anglican Church in North America

‘They meant to sue me’

Recently another round of priests and lay people in the Diocese of Quincy were served with notice TEC is naming them in a lawsuit. Apparently there has been some confusion with names. Some were served twice. The names of some served were misspelled. And there was at least one case of mistaken identity.

Father James S. Fosdick writes:

“They meant to sue…”


“But they sued…”


The top photo is Father James S. Fosdick. The bottom photo is his son, James S. Fosdick Jr.

Quincy Defense Fund seeks donations

Anglicans throughout the Diocese of Quincy were mailed appeal letters this week, seeking contributions to the Quincy Legal Defense Fund.

“One of our challenges has been the ongoing litigation with TEC,” said the letter, which was signed by Bishop Alberto Morales and Richard Baker and Mark Gamage, the defense fund co-chairs.

The letter commended the Quincy legal team, Tad Brenner and Kent Schnack, for their efforts defending the Diocese.

“Through Tad and Kent’s countless hours of preparation, combined with significant personal and financial sacrifice, they provided us with an unprecedented legal victory in the Circuit Court in Adams County,” the letter said. “TEC was accustomed to winning its lawsuits, but not in Quincy.”

Despite the legal victory, the Diocese’s legal needs are ongoing. TEC has appealed the Adams County ruling, and TEC recently filed a second suit in Peoria County.

“Currently, our unpaid legal fees are over $300,000,” the letter said.

To donate to the Quincy Defense Fund, click the Donate to the Legal Defense Fund link in the upper right corner of this page. You can contribute directly to the fund through your PayPal account. Or click on the “more information” link for the address where checks may be sent.